Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My apologies to the reader who was hoping for frequent updates.  Life got a little busy in February... I was contacted by a recruiter from a nice tech company, and then spent a month preparing to interview, and another month deliberating the choice, and finally another month recovering.

In the meantime, I have been working through The Essentials of Programming Languages.  The first edition sat in my night stand for about eight years.   Steve Yegge's post led me to this article (pdf), and inspired me to give it a serious try.

The book uses Scheme, so I started off in Common Lisp (since I want to learn it better).  I got the basic interpreters working, then tried porting it to Javascript.  After several days of slow going, I gave up, and went to Ocaml.   The pattern matching in the ML languages makes this kind of stuff much easier.  The EOPL book itself uses several macros to emulate the same behavior, but probably without the compile time checking.

None of this is new or exciting in general, but it is new and exciting for me.  I got a copy of the third addition of the book, and see that they build up to an interpreter with type inference.  That will be pretty cool to try, so I hope to stick it out.

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